Central Maryland Youth Ballet

Columbia, Maryland


"First, thank you SO MUCH for such a wonderful showcase experience! My girls had tons of fun. I'm insanely proud of them for how hard they worked, and grateful to you for all of YOUR hard work. I can't imagine putting this performance together, and you did it with joy, skill, and grace.

We appreciate you!!! "   H. K. 06/08/22

"What an amazing show last night! It was so beautiful! Congratulations to both of you - we had such a great time watching them. Thank you for being so patient and loving with the kids. My daughter loves going to rehearsals, and I love how the rehearsals help create such a beautiful community. Congratulation and thank you! My daughter has so many beautiful childhood memories because of ballet! "   M. D. 06/05/22

"You both are doing such a tremendous job with what you have had to work with in the last several years...I am forever grateful for the positive influence that you have had in daughter's life, and all of ours."   A. B. 12/08/21

"Kimmary, I can see from your teaching style that you have had some tutelage under Finis Jhung. Keep on teaching those killer classes. You both make a great team. Thanks for making a difference in our troubled world."  B. S. 05/01/20

"It was truly a great Nutcracker performance by all--such a talented group of dancers with wonderful and dedicated teachers. We are grateful!"  L. D. 01/02/20

"I am so impressed with the kids in all there new roles!  Ean and Isaac, and Michael was a little powerhouse, and all the girls in their solos. I’m always nervous for them at the hard parts because I know how easy it is to slip or miss that lift, but they were phenomenal." M. G. 12/20/19 

"Thank you so much for a wonderful production of Nutcracker!  It was just perfect!  I went with my daughter and her daughter, age 5.  She was mesmerized.  I thought the narration was perfect - clear and just the right amount to help the younger audience follow the story line.  The dancing of course was beautiful.  At first I thought this might be more like a recital, but I was very wrong.  This was a beautiful production!"  C. S. 12/22/18

"Thank you for a great wonderful Nutcracker experience. You are an amazing team and I feel so lucky our family found your company." S. M. 12/19/18

"Your love for the ballet and the kids is evident everywhere you look. Both of you inspire the kids to be their greatest and to go for it. Thank you for everything." A. M.  06/27/18

 "THANK YOU Ms. Kimmary and Mr. Jacob for an Excellent Performance!!! The choreography was beautiful and CMYB proved once again what real ballet should look like. Through every performance, my daughter learns so much and improves that much more. We are so proud to be a part of CMYB!!!" H. L.   02/12/18  

"I just wanted to take a minute to say Thank You!  Its like you take little lumps of clay and form them into the most beautiful dolls.  Thank you for the challenges, the discipline, and the results that build their confidence and self esteem."  J. W.   02/16/18

"It was a great performance.  It’s fun to see the growth of the dancers each year.  The new costumes were beautiful. Congrats to you both!"  A. B.  12/12/17

"I would like to personally thank you both for the wonderful dancing opportunity you have provided for Madeline, over the past few years. My husband and I have been so very thankful for all the caring, attention, and teachings you have given Madeline within your dancing studio family."  M.B.  09/07/17

"Thank you so much for a wonderful 3 weeks of intensives!!! My daughter has really come a long way in terms of fitness and stamina. Last year she couldn't wake up after a couple days of intensives. This year, all the hard work didn't even phase her! Thank you!"  H. L.  08/20/17

"Thank you for an amazing performance this past weekend. All the hard worked paid off. Sofia enjoyed it very much. Your dedication to the kids and to the art of ballet profound."

"The show was truly wonderful and a big success! My husband and I enjoyed the show very much, I was amazed at how professional everything was. Roselyn loved and truly enjoyed every minute on the stage:) Thank you and Mr Jacob for such a wonderful experience for all of us." 

"I thank you and commend you both for the outstanding job that you have done in putting Coppelia together over these past months. It was a joy to be part of the volunteers to see how things all came together. It made all those drives to the studio worth the effort." 

"What a great performance!!......I saw the Sat. show and was so impressed not only be the advanced dancers each performing solos but by how even the very young dancers were all together as they danced--dozens of pairs of little feet all moving in unison."

"And congratulations to you both, Ms. Kimmary and Mr Jacob. Your dedication and hard work is visible in their performances."

 "The performance was amazing. I can't believe what you are able to get the kids to do."

"Congratulations on two wonderful performances!  Everyone was lovely/handsome, and I could see so much growth in the students from last year to this year.  Wonderful jobs!!"

"Thank you so much for all that you have been doing for our daughter in ballet. She is really enjoying herself, and we are enjoying working with the two of you."
"I just wanted to say thank you for all that you did for me. I was taken seriously as a dancer even though I had never really done ballet before and was taught equally as a student with potential, and I greatly appreciate your attitude as teachers and the passion that you bring into your classes."

".....but when Central MD Youth Ballet came on- the entire crowd went silent- and stayed silent. 
It was as though they enchanted the whole audience!! CMYB stood out as a really serious outstanding ballet school. All of the kids on stage displayed talent. Your choreography gives all the children a chance to dance."

 "Thank you again for the beautiful Nutcracker performance. It was SO worth all of the hours of practice. You both are true professionals."

"The Nutcracker show over the weekend was fabulous. It left us with wonderful memories.
You and staff worked sooo hard.  Thank you and have a great holiday season."

"Thanks for everything, you guys run such a fine program."

"Also I wanted to let you know how wonderful the performance of "A Midsummer's Night Dream" was.  My parents and Seth's parents raved about how wonderful the whole thing was (and they NEVER agree on anything).  From the performances themselves to the way everything was run backstage, we were all very impressed."

"We wanted to let you know how wonderful we think CMYB and the two of you are. I would highly recommend you to any interested families we know."

"I truly enjoyed observing the class last Thursday! Annie has learned so much more just these couple of months. She is turning into a true little ballerina :-) She loves the classes and enjoys the rehearsal very much. We are very thankful to have you as the teachers!"

"Thank you!  You two are doing such fantastic work with these kids (even with the parental challenges!) and we truly appreciate it!"

"You guys are so dedicated and doing an amazing job!!"

"And to thank you for everything. You both are extraordinary people. The talent that you share with the students is amazing and I really believe that you two are a gift to everyone that comes across your path."

"Thanks, so much, for all of your dedication to the dancers."

"Thank you guys for all your hard work on. My son’s teacher came to a Nutcracker performance. He was completely impressed and was amazed that this was a performance by "kids"!!!  KUDOS!!  I hope your holidays are restful. You guys deserve it!!" 

"Our very best wishes for 2014 and thank you again very much for running an excellent ballet school."

"Thank you (!!) for all of the wonderful instruction and mentorship you've provided for my daughter. She eats and breathes ballet and never gets tired of it. I don't what you're doing that makes this possible, but she's blessed to have you as instructors." 

"You're program is fantastic and I admire your way of working with the children and young adults. Lots of them are going to be great and professional dancers!"

"I'm always very impressed how you can deal with all that's required to run a ballet school.  I'm also very thankful - you have enriched Elizabeth's life by giving her a love for dancing and skills that we couldn't find elsewhere..........And, thanks again for providing such a wonderful program for dance in this area. We've tried other schools and it just wasn't the same."

"Thank you again for a great time last year. You have done such a great job creating a wonderful environment for kids (and adults) to learn to perform and develop a love of ballet." 

"Central Maryland Youth Ballet combines the rigor and discipline of ballet with the grace of the art form. The teachers (Jacob & Kimmary) are professional & knowledgeable & tireless in helping students achieve their best." 

"I appreciate that you have provided another wonderful opportunity of show production. I am sure every bit of this experience teaches my daughter invaluable life lessons. Thanks again for all you do."
"The time , expertise, patience and joy in dancing you have provided my children is priceless and something we will cherish."

"Hello! I have a quick message for Kimmary. I was one of the Scottish child ballet dancers who danced in the nutcracker in the Edinburgh international festival in the 90s, along with the summer workshops thereafter. Now that I'm an adult (a paediatrician rather than a ballerina unfortunately!), I have had time to digest and appreciate what a wonderful opportunity you gave us. I remember you taking us to see twyla Tharp's company and I remember being in awe. I have continued to love ballet and attend classical and contemporary performances regularly. I'm even thinking of joining a ballet class for adults again as I don't think the passion has ever left! Thank you again for all you do, the girls and boys won't realise it at the time but as the years go by they will truly treasure their experiences."

"This will be my seventh Nutcracker at CMYB, and I'm unbelievably excited to return as the Sugar Plum Fairy, a role that I've dreamed of performing since I was eleven. Nutcracker 2014 is like a culmination of all my effort so far; I've spent countless hours over the years in the studio to learn dances and perfect them. It's incredibly gratifying to see the younger dancers in the studio fall in love with the stage just as I have. We all encourage each other to take risks and have fun, even when we're frustrated or nervous about performing. This year's Nutcracker will be the best yet, and I can't wait to see where Kimmary and Jacob will lead us next."  A. C. 2014

"We are very grateful for all YOU do for these students at the studio. Thanks for being such fantastic teachers."

"Thank you for your love of the kids and your professionalism, you are teaching the children much more than ballet, you are also teaching them life lessons! I appreciate your passion to give to the future your talent and passion for this beautiful art. The world needs more passionate people like both of you. YOU make the magic happen." 

"Thank YOU Kimmary and Jacob!!! Without either of you this would not be possible. It was a beautiful Nutcracker production and the kids looked amazing all thanks to your dedication and expertise! The kids adore you and we are thankful for that!!!" 

"You two run a great school that my child adores and is a great value for us, and I don't hesitate recommending.  I wish you the best."

"We love the work you do with the kids and the performances you stage with them and I hope you know just how much we appreciate it." 

"Dear Kimmary and Jacob, Once again you two have made the magic happen!!! With all of your talent, hard work and devotion to your students, these kids really are the future of Ballet. They all conducted themselves as professional children and truly sparkled on stage. There are no words that can convey how much they and the parents love and respect you. You are always so professional and caring. The life lessons that you are also teaching the students cannot be understated. Because of you and your tutelage these children are going to grow up to be leaders in their chosen roles in life." A. P. 06/02/2015

"Bravo to both of you.  Without your above and beyond, tireless effort, there will be no performances of this caliber, professional performance!! Applaud to all."  T. S. 06/02/2015  

"Thanks for you dedication to teaching and artistic creation which have definitely inspired Vivian to keep going. Ballet now has become her true "love" because of CMYB."  S. X. T. 06/08/2015

"Dear Ms. Williams and Mr. Rice, The girls enjoyed the trial class so much and I was very impressed with the instruction. We do hope to join you in the fall, provided the classes work with our schedule. Thanks so much. I'll be recommending CMYB to others who might be interested in ballet."  M. S. 07/28/2015

"Kimmary. You run amazing classes. It was a joy to observe the girls last night. I am impressed with your teaching style and classroom control. Keep up the great work!"  L. D. 11/20/2015 

"Another spectacular production!!  Proud of the kids, they are learning from the BEST!!" T. S.  12/15/15

"Congratulations to both of you as well!  It was a beautiful performance.  It is amazing to see how far the dancers have come.  I agree this was the best one yet!  Each year it gets better and better. Thanks for all of your hard work!"  A. B.  12/15/15

"Lily absolutely loves your studio and I hope we can find something comparable in Vienna. What a supportive yet rigorous culture you both maintain. Truly appreciate the impact you've had on Lily's growth. She watches the Nutcracker DVD over and over again."  A. D.  03/27/17 

"I was so impressed with our dancers today! Ballet 4 performed beautifully and they danced with so much more confidence! Oh my goodness! The Diamond performance was amazing! The music and choreography was gorgeous......our dancers presented technique and artistry. Thank you so much for teaching our dancers the true art of ballet!"  H. L.  02/19/17